Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Skin, new gift, new mainstore!

We just released the complete new skin line of Edith, with TMP head appliers, which have been recently previewed at My Attic.

Edith Skin Full Release

Edith TMP Installer Full Release

Along with her comes the Viola skin line, and Slink Visage appliers, which have been released for the recent Skin Fair 2015

*YS&YS* @ Skinfair 2015*YS&YS* @ Skinfair 2015

But there's something else new, as you'll see teleporting to our Main.
Well, it really looked old now, due to the fact we set it in September 2008.
It's not that we've been lazy, it's just that we really had very little free time among our projects, and we always considered our items (skins, shapes, shoes) first.
*YS&YS* New Mainstore

But it was really time for an update, so a couple of months ago we decided to take a first step: a new sky placed Main Shop that will allow us to completely redesign the sim on ground level in next months (or years ... or whatever it will take :D).
Now it's ready and as you'll see, it is not just a temporary main.
We tried to design a cute area where to chat with friends, take some pics, or simply take a walk around.
It wasn't easy but it has been a pleasure, both building what we strictly needed or choosing items from our favorite SL artists.
We really hope you'll like it.
*YS&YS* New Mainstore

On the occasion, we added (eventually) a complete selling scripted system, so from now on redeliveries will be much easier: and you'll get store credit (which you'll be able to use to buy other others for free, when reaching enough) on every purchase you'll make!

*YS&YS* New Mainstore

Areas (skins and shoes) have been completely redesigned, and we hope it's made more simple to find the appliers for you mesh body parts: all skins available have now a clearly marked Tone number reference on their vendors (1 to 5 for most recent ones, 6 to 8B for the older ones still on sale), and appliers have the same Tone reference.
There is now a second floor, where we'll collect the items from events (like TDR and fairs) which are not part of the standard lines, and the older items.
Most old skin lines, though, have been actually retired. The most loved ones will be redesigned, updated in tones and body drawing and made available in next months.


Last but not least, a special opening gift for the Update Group friends is there waiting: an exclusive makeup of an updated Giorgia in all the main 5 tones, and its shape.

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