Thursday, January 29, 2015

The minchiolini's saga - Second part

Minchiolini: Coherent

If you dress yourself in blue & brown this Minchiolino doesn't match you.
He detests chromatic incoherence and the Nursery Rhymes.
He loves the autumn gloomy days.
He feeds on watermelon pits.
Minchiolino Coherent - to stop dressing in the dark -

Minchiolini: Cookie

This Minchiolino is always hungry. He prefers cookies but really he doesn't have any taste: therefore, you may give him a shoe or a cookie and it would be the same to him.
He loves the color vermilion and eats everything.
Cookie, for those pleased by anything.

Minchiolini: Lovers

These Minchiolini are really in love; they do everything together and they spend their time telling each other mawkish expressions and words of love. They quarrel rarely, only so they may reconcile.
They love white and wedding cakes.
Lovers, for those that love really.

Minchiolini: Vlad

Also, Minchiolini have some identity crises.
Could you deny him big hugs for fear of a bite?
He loves the celestial blue and souls.
Vlad - appearances deceive.

Minchiolini: Peekaboo

You may think that this Minchiolino is afraid, or that he is hiding.
Instead, he just worries about losing his eyes. There are so so many things to be looked at and he's afraid that his eyes will fly away.
He loves cobalt blue and gumdrops.
Peekaboo, for those who pay attention to everything.

Minchiolini: Moody

At first sight he could seem a Minchiolino that loves to read.
He has bought an e-book reader just to be able to complain about the books he reads.
He loves the grey tone and chicken nuggets.
Minchiolino Moody - complain with him and make him happy.

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Anonymous said...

bravissima come sempre, ogni tanto passo di qua ed ammiro, un abbraccio immenso, ti penso spesso. Alii