Monday, June 30, 2014

Skins & Physique News!!

Hi dear friends.
Quite a bunch of news today.
First, a new skin line is out: released for Rhapsody Event 
Arya, Sugar, Sabrina, Marlene and Carmen await you to try their demos :)

YS&YS @ Rhapsody

We released the applier for new Slink Physique too, along with the new skins: it's out both at Rhapsody Event  and in our Main Shop, for (quite) all our skin lines.
It allows you to apply your *YS&YS* skin texture to your Physique, in 6 variants (plain, freckles, cleavage, cleavage&freckles, tanlines, tanlines&freckles).
It applies the skin texture to your Slink AvEnhance Hands/feet too, if you're wearing them.

YS&YS -Slink  Physique Applier

YS&YS -Slink  Physique Applier

Here Marlene Skin in nude with Carmen Shape

Feel beautiful...

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