Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let me tell you a tale

Let me tell you a tale. Not exactly a fairy tale.

On December 29th a user bought many (nearly all) of my skins full pack.

What could I tell: wow, a real admirer!

On January 3rd the Linden Adjustment account gently (and without any previous advice) took from my account exactly the same amount that “admirer” spent to buy the full packs: more than 40k linden$.

As (obviously) Linden Lab tells me nothing, I immediately open a ticket asking what the hell happened and to (try) get some explanation: LL answers “On 12/29/2013, you obtained Linden$ from a compromised account. Four days later, we returned the Linden$ to their proper owner. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter."

In the while, someone advise me that in copybotter forum (which I obviously don’t link) are available many of my skins fullpacks. I go checking, and alas, what an unbelievable coincidence, they are exactly those “bought” from the lovely “compromised account”.

I try answering to LL, but my ticket has been immediately closed.

I opened another ticket, just for the needing of writing down some useless words to LL: "The "compromised account" bought some full packs of my skins, these full packs the 01/03/2014 were put for free in a copybot forum (i'm sure you know what is XXXXX forum). I'm happy you are so prompt in to protect your customer in "compromised account", i'm not so happy of the absolute lack of protection of my (and of other creators) work. Sincerly Monicuzza Babenco".

Of course, I got no answer from LL.

In Italy, we say “Add insult to injury”.

Just to let you know about this new, absurd “tale”.

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