Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Dressing Room Fusion

We are in the final of collection. Only 3 days left. New collection will come in few days, so, run run run for grab this skins, just 70L$

Ibiza Stilettos new color!

Many customers, recently, asked us more colors for the Ibiza stilettos, due to the fact they are quite easy to match and simple to use.
So we decided to update them (all, included old colors) to the new no-lag HUD used for mesh barefeet (just a single script in the shoes), and to release some new spring/summer colors (3 have been previewed at the TDR).
Here they are: Ibiza stilettos in Glossy & Gold (6 colors in a single shoe), Glossy & Silver (again 6 colors), and Leather (4 colors).

Ibiza Stiletto SilverGlossy @ YS&YS


Oh, I was forgetting .. there's a new Group Gift availabe (eventually!!).

New Group Gift @ YS&YS

Stay tuned for next 2 upcoming skin lines :)



Here they are: as announced, we release the first 2 new skin lines.
As usual, they come with many options (in tattoo layers): light, brown and dark eyebrows, hairbase, cleavage, freckles, and as usual 3 new shapes for each skin line are available.
Separate lipstick add ons are ready too.

First line tones are Persefone, Atena and Calliope:

Persefone Skin @ YS&YS  
AtenaSkin @ YS&YS
CalliopeSkin @ YS&YS

Second line tones are Irene, Rachel and Misha:

IreneSkin @ YS&YS
Rachel Skin @ YS&YS

MishaSkin @ YS&YS

The Lolas Tango Mesh Breast appliers for these new lines are always 01A, 01B and 01C: if you already bought them for a previous skin you don't have to get a new one, the one you have will perfectly work (on the same skin tone, obviously).
For Lush mesh breast users, ask Monyka Benelli for the appliers, if needed.

Lolas Tango Appliers for YS&YS Skins
If you like, take a look to the new rigged mesh barefeet. to match them with your new skin:

Bare Feet @ YS&YS

You can choose flat or tiptoe version, or both of them in the full pack.
There are 23 skin textures available to choose from, and hud to match your skin tone: and of course each of *YS&YS* skins is ready to wear, just a click away.
Nails colors to choose from, too.
Absolutely lag free: just a single script in feet.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lolas Tango Appliers

Lolas Tango Appliers for YS&YS Skins


We release today the skin texture appliers for Lolas Tangos Mesh Breasts.
Each HUD is on sale by the side of the matching skins: check it carefully before buying :-)
Freckles option, and 4 nipples for you new matching boobs :-D
Wear your Lolas Tango breast and come find the HUD for your *YS&YS* skin tone.