Saturday, February 6, 2010

NotSoUsual News!

Well well well..
Some of our skin users have asked if it was possible to have "fantasy" skins based on ours, for roleplayers.
We decided to fulfill this request, and we developed during last weeks a whole range of fantasy skins, based on our skin lines, in special skin color and make ups.
We hope that all those who like to have fun in fantasy roleplay will appreciate this new "NotSoUsual" skin line, and the special set of eyes created for them:

*YS&YS* Night Skin

*YS&YS* Fiero Skin

*YS&YS* Terra Skin

*YS&YS* Eterea Skin

*YS&YS* Storm Skin

*YS&YS* Myst&Wisp Skin

YS&YS News -Unreal Eyes

In the while, Monyka designed a new necklace/earrings set in a '70ies style, even if she cannot swear it was used in Woodstock :D

*YS&YS* New Jewel Set

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