Thursday, February 18, 2010

News news news!

After the "NotSoUsual" skin sets, we deliver today a more "traditional" update :)

We have just released the new skin line: 3 shades of a warm, dark color for
Halle, Ashanti and Jamila

YS&YS New Skin

YS&YS New Skin

YS&YS New Skin

As usual, 3 new shapes have been developed for the new skin: try mix&match them :)

We have also developed and released a new Eyes line: all the colors include 2 versions, with and without Shadow:

*YS & YS* New Eyes

Last but not least, take a look around to our freebies and dollarbies bottles in the shop: we have changed many of them, deleting the older ones and adding as freebies some of the older jewels we made, previously for sale.

Have fun and feel beautiful :)
Monicuzza & Monyka

*YS&YS* Main Store

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