Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Are you ready?

Well, the first Xmas Group Gift is out and will be till tomorrow, we will change to the next one tomorrow about 1:00 pm SLT and so on till christmas eve.

1st Christmas Groupgift

Tonight we have released the xmas makeups for Nicole, Kelly and Michelle skins: as we made for Adrian, Chiara and Sole the Full Pack of the 4 makeups is set to a very special price!


Kelly Xmas Makeups:

Kelly Xmas 01 JolieKelly Xmas 02 Hot
Kelly Xmas 03 GhostKelly Xmas 04 Witch

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Beryl Landar said...

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas gifts. I am a huge fan of your designs. All of my friends love your Sole skin on me, as well as all of your creations. They always compliment me when I have your creations on. Best wishes to you this holiday season.

Monicuzza Babenco said...

Thanks to you Beryl :)