Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SL vs RL

I know.. i know.. "she" is better... lol

SL vs. RL

but i'm the happiest woman in the world

Wedding day



Anonymous said...

Love is beautiful :)

Winter Jefferson said...

Nope, "you" are more beautiful because the love and happiness is shining out of your eyes. Congratulations, and may you have a wonderful life together.

Tania said...

concordo, tu sei più bella la felicità è riflessa in te!! tantissimi auguri!

Tania Tebaldi

Anonymous said...

awww lovely <3

Monicuzza Babenco said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you :))))

June said...

Beautiful and a perfect couple.

Floppy Hotshot said...

Wonderful pictures

Bosabi Albatros said...

Good luck for you and your husband.
Nice couple, love the pics!!!!