Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yes, we have news!

May be someone noticed (well at least I hope that someone did LOL) that lately I could not post much, and anyway quite in a hurry.

The point was quite simple ... I was working on our new shop in our new sim :)
Our shop was in a homestead region, and though we loved it we were longing to have some more "space" (and prims ...) to have a nice surrounding for our friends and customers, and to be able to recieve more than 20 persons (and with less lag ...).

Well we had the occasion, and here they are, Feel Beutiful sim with our new Main Shop.


We had to work fast as we wanted to open it as soon as we could, but we find anyway the time to develop some brand new items (it had not much sense to us a brand new shop and sim without something new inside ...).
Of course there is a brest enhancer (*YS&YS* Decollete), that we made in shades matching each one of our skin lines and in a "tintable" version that can be used with other creators skins (if the specific ones aren't available and if it fits correctly.. try it).


Then there are 6 new makeups for Emma/Vanessa/Tammy skin line some new eyes colors and a second version (included in each vendor) for "Real Eyes", with a different shading that some friends requested for pics.


As soon as we were ready, we decided to give to the *YourSkin & YourShape* Update Group friends the exclusive access to the new shop for the first 3 days of opening: a first way to give a little "thanks" to the so many people that like our work and support us (of course anyone interested can join the group and enter).

Another new thing we introduced is the "Full pack" for all of our skins, and about savings, we have opened a special "discount" area nearby the Main shop for the skins, shapes and else that we decided to discontinue ... a few items are already there.


And in the end ... well, it's a Opening ... so we prepared 2 (very) Special Group Gifts to celebrate: an exclusive skin, with its shape, and a set of Illetes shoes, bag and belt in an exclusive color, obviously not on sale.

sharon_groupgift ottanio_groupgift

ops.. the sim is here: Feel Beautiful

... and now i shall run to make the next "Outfit of the day" :D

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