Monday, May 11, 2009

Outfits of the day

[Nova] , a new shop (for me, of curse) has turned me into a cow-girl!!!!

11 05 2009

Skin: *YS&YS* Sole Sunny Glit in Brown
Shape:*YS&YS* Sole
Eye: *YS&YS* RealEyes Frozen
Hair: >TRUTH< Angelina
Vest:(nova) suede vest CARAMEL
Skirt::*Luck Inc*Low Mini Jeans Skirt Black
Belt:(nova) suede double strap belt CARAMEL
Hat: (nova) cowboy hat ESPRESSO
Bag:(nova) suede strap bag CARAMEL
Bracelets: *YS&YS*Black Bracelets abd Bunch Bracelets Cheta
Boots: *YS&YS* Zero Boot Brown

... As sun keeps getting warmer we tought to prepare some new warm make ups for Chiara - Adriana - Sole skin line.
There are 7 new make ups for each skin, each skin being sold in freckles/non freckles version and with/without hairbase.
You can choose the basic hair/brows color in blonde, red or brown.

Sole Brown:
Sole skin on Summer Make-ups

Adriana Red:

Adriana Skin on Summer make-ups

That's all! :))

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