Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashionable Relay Challenge

The tought of joining the Fashionable Relay Challenge was deeply exciting.
First problem, though, was coming after a line of incredibly creative girls,
last of whom was Dove Swanson.
Secon problem was: what the hell will I use?
At first, after reading Dove's post, I tought of a different color of the lovely Milk Motion Skull Necklace: but choosing a black&red version of it I found myself involved without any possible safety in a devilish tight red leggins and bitchie black top outfit absolutely unwearable out of a bedroom, even if it had some stunning black angel wings I will definitely have to use elsewhere.

Fashionable Relay Challenge

Coming back into myself, I decided to just be simple and use what I like most, starting from UnToneQuilt denim skirt.
While I was wondering about the upper body possible choices, surfing the mess of my inv or teleporting around, I felt in love with League's Ella stockings with garter.
Bought them and worn the LightBrown ones, top was obvious: ready in a folder there was one of my favs turtle knits, *DPS Uniiiqlo Turtle knit in beige.
I asked myself if I wasn't going to be too "wintery", then I realized it may be one of last occasions I will dress wool and so I immediately wore my beloved *ARGRACE* Long Stole(F) / Shirring in Camel.
Some days ago I had just bought another one of Coco's belts, V-shaped belt in brown (well, I had also the white and the red ones to be sincere), just not to use the Wide belt that's so great it's been used in about 1.236 post last weeks.
Hair was easy: * 0 Style *Dana*in dark chocolate is one of my favs and tought looked so fresh on that outfit, so I just grabbed my Armidi Porta Corsico bag (obviously in brown) and some boots from my shop and felt ready for pics.
It had been harder than I tought ... but now I pass the baton the more experienced Teagan Blackthorne, sure she'll do great (well, her work will be easier coming after me ... lucky girl lol).

Other stuff:
Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Smokey Brown
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin* RealEye Frozen
Boots: *YourShape* Zero Boot Brown
Bangles: Naughty Sanskrit Cuff & Silver and *YourShape*Bracelets Bunch Cheeta


Sasy Scarborough said...

Gorgeous look, everything about that is past and present seasonal I love it.

xox Sasy xox

Dove Swanson said...

Awesome look! Very well put together! :D

TeSa said...

oh wow I love this! I keep forgetting I bought those tights from League. I must wear them! Awesome outfit!

Monicuzza Babenco said...

Ty Grllls :))))

RhodesyDurant said...

Really love the outfit you created for the challenge. I'm particularly enamoured with your boots. Where did you find them? :)

Monicuzza Babenco said...

Are from my shop :)

Beryl Landar said...

Stunning look with tons of texture. My favorite piece: the stockings. Thanks for sharing.