Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping of the day

I've been browsing the Armidi on-line shop, surfing through their beautiful clothes without suffering the terrible lag of their in-world shop. I' started putting items in the shopping bag... and one more... oh and i love this one.... and this other one too....
When i saw the total i HAD too leave something out..... but i'll be back :D


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Eye Natural
Hair: ETD - Laine Chestnut
Pants: Armidi Shop on-line - Metallic Tigths
Dress: Armidi Shop on-line - Keiko Tunic Dress Glade
Bag: Armidi Shop on-line - Porta Corsico Bag Brown
Belt:!Ce Cubic Effect Song Bird Suede Belt(Brown)
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boot Brown Gold

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