Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Outfit of the Year

Ready for the last night of the year...


Skin: *YourSkin* Chiara T1_D
Shape: *YourShape* - Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Blue
Hair: ~BWH Gigi - canapl
Dress:*OC* Black Jolie (Angelina Jolie)


Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday and today LOTD


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Smokey Brown
Shape: *YourShape* - Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Blue
Hair: >TRUTH< Amy Jane - Chocolate
Pants: Armidi Shop on-line - Brindisi Slacks
Blouse: Tres Blah - Silky Blouse - Perl
Belt: Armidi Shop on-line Au Di Leather Belt [Gold/Black]
Coat: (P-K) Opened Trench Beige
HandBag: (MN) Handbag A. [gray-w]
Boot: *YourShape* Zero7 Cocco Black
Earrings: *YourShape*Gold Flexi Earring


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Smokey Brown
Shape: *YourShape* - Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Blue
Hair: >TRUTH< Shirley 2 - Brownie (My fav!!)
Skirt: UnToneQuilt - denimskirt brack
Sweter: Armidi Shop on-line - Boucle Low Cut Tunic Sweater (Tinted)
Socks:*DP Serendipity - pippi Socks long : blue
Shoe: ETD - Kristin Bootie (Steel Blue)
Earrings and Necklace: *YourShape*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for Xmas Party!

Moni, Stefano and Monyka wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

Ready for Xmas party!

Monicuzza and Monyka wear
{Gisaci} Beleza Evening Gown Silver and Crimson
Truth Hair and *YourShape* Jewel and shoes.
Skins of "YourSkin"
Stefano wear
Barnes Boutique Man in Black and Uncleweb Studio Hair.
Skin of Belleza.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Outfits of The day

Casual & Fur Look....

21-12-2008 2

Skin: *YourSkin* Monique Smokey Natural
Hair: ~BWH X-mas gift Bunny (Freebie)
Jeans: PUNPY* PUNPYDenim First (Freebie)
Coat: PARALLEL LOVE Fur coat Brown (30L$)
Belt: **DP**belt bangle set D-brown (10L$)
Shirt:!Ce Cubic Effect Shirt H5 for women
Shoes: *YourShape* part of Zero 7 Cocco
Eyelash: *YourShape*

"La donzelletta vien dalla campagna...."

21-12-2008 3

Skin: *YourSkin* Monique Green Gold
Hair: * 0 Style * CSR2008w Gift* (More info HERE)
Skirt: **DP** Dramatic skirt (brown)
Shirt:ruruko satin blouse YELLOW
Shoes: -UK- Couture - Zipper Couture Ankle Boots Brown
Eyelash and Jewels: *YourShape*


I love christmas time!!!!!
i'v collected an impressive number of freebies and gifts and i'v discovered many new shop and there i'v spent far too much L$.... but now i need a free month to order my inventory..... i've only 6,412 items lol

Outfit of the day

Shall have met Mr. Goldfinger recently....


Skin: *YourSkin* Isabeau Green Gold
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Nut
Hair: Hair: >TRUTH< Izzy Dune (1L$)
Dress: *pop feel* Metallic twill mini dress gold
Shoe: *YourShape* Gold Frange Shoe
Jewel and Eyelash: *YourShape*

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Outfits of Yesterday and Today


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Smokey Red
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Green
Hair: Magika Hair - Omg - Blonde E
Pants: Armidi Shop on-line - Brindisi Slacks
Sweter: Armidi Shop on-line - Off Shoulder Boucle Sweater - White
Belt: Maitreya - Leather Belt (Tinted)
Boot: *YourShape* Zero7 Boot Christmas Gift (Freebie)

... and Yesterday

Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Fume Lili
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Violet 1
Hair: ::69:: BRIT 01 - lightbrown -
Pants: Armidi Shop on-line - Brindisi Slacks (Tinted)
Sweter: Armidi Shop on-line - Boucle Low Cut Tunic Sweater (Tinted)
Skirt: UnToneQuilt - denimskirt brack
Pashmina:Zaara - Kashmiri sozni work shawl *lilac*
Shoes: ETD - Heel-strap Platforms (Orchid)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shopping of the day

I've been browsing the Armidi on-line shop, surfing through their beautiful clothes without suffering the terrible lag of their in-world shop. I' started putting items in the shopping bag... and one more... oh and i love this one.... and this other one too....
When i saw the total i HAD too leave something out..... but i'll be back :D


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Reloaded Eye Natural
Hair: ETD - Laine Chestnut
Pants: Armidi Shop on-line - Metallic Tigths
Dress: Armidi Shop on-line - Keiko Tunic Dress Glade
Bag: Armidi Shop on-line - Porta Corsico Bag Brown
Belt:!Ce Cubic Effect Song Bird Suede Belt(Brown)
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boot Brown Gold

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adriana skin RELOADED released today!

While working on next skin, could not help improving details on my first one ... first love cannot be forgotten :-)

Adriana "Reloaded" Skin

Adriana Reloaded skin @ "Yourskin & Youshape" Shop

Outfit Of The Day

Today in grey....


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Smokey Brown (Today Released!!)
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Grey Blu
Hair: Detour - Bliss Brown
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Itis Grey
Skirt: Cachet-SOLANGE skirt/gray
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boot Black Silv
Earrings: *YourShape* My Love Silver

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Outfit Of The Day

I'm a little monotonous in the choice of the colors, I know...


Skin: *YourSkin* Monique Autumn Brown
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_DarkBlu
Hair: Laqroki Puma- Black
Pants: Tres Beau Design "Mixin's Corduroy Pants" Brown
Top: -UK- Couture - Lite Couture Outfits
Coat: >TRUTH< Luxe Knit Coat [wheat]
Bag: TODs Bangor Bag (Freebie!! HERE)
Boot: *YourShape* 07 Boots Cocco
Necklace: *YourShape* Onyx Necklace

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Skin "Monique"

New Skin "Monique", the sunkissed "sister" of Isabeau, has been released.
In these shots you can look to wear her different shapes from "YourShape".
Same skin, different shapes, different babe.

New Monique Skin @ Yourskin&Yourshape

SURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ITLAND%20Village%20I/90/203/933

Sunday, December 7, 2008

... and the second.

It's a hard life.....


Skin: *YourSkin* Monique Smokey natural (TODAY NEW!!!!!)
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey_Brown (Grey_Brown (Freebie!!!)
Hair: >TRUTH< Shirley 2 - Java
Pants: MichaMi part of Pippa
Scarf: MichaMi part of Joanie in Purple & Gray (Tinted)
Jacket: FAY Multipocket JAcket (Freebie!! HERE)
Boot: *YourShape* 07 Boots CoccoBlack Gold (TODAY NEW!!!!!)
Earrings: *YourShape* My Love Gold

First outfit of the day..........

The woman in....purple!


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Autumn Natural Reloaded (Soon released)
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Violet 2
Hair: Kin-Yohkoh-black
Shirt, Pants, Gloves and Scarf: MichaMi part of Joanie in Purple & Gray (Scarf colored)
Belt: Maitreya - Leather Belt (Modified)
Boot: *YourShape* 07 Boots CoccoPurple
Earrings: *YourShape* My Love Silver

Purple Day

Yesterday's Outfit

Have beanie there.....


Skin: *YourSkin* Adriana Smokey Natural
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Custom Eyes
Hair: ARGRACE - Beanie Medium Black
Shirt: *+*JILL*+* Brown Top
Pants: ARMIDI Limited- Kogo skinny pants (faded umber)
Scarf: ARGRACE - Long Stole Shirring - Camel
Trench: !Ce Cubic Effect - Coat Long (Beige)
Boot: *YourShape* Part of Zero Boots Brown (Shoes)
Earrings: *YourShape* My Love Silver

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Outfits of the day

....and i love snow :))


*YourSkin* Adriana Smokey Natural Reloaded (Soon released)
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Blue 4
Hair: >TRUTH< Kensei - Chocolat (Freebie 1L$)
Skirt *+*JILL*+* *Part of Ag-Brown
Jacket: FAY Amber Jacket (Freebie!! HERE)
Stockings: [MG fashion] knitted socks - Beige
Boot: *YourShape* Zero7 Boots Cocco (Soon released)


Skin: *YourSkin* Isabeau Smokey Natural
Eye: *YourSkin* Brighteyes Grey 2
Hair: * ZeroStyle * * Yuuya *(Raven)
Leggins: *League -Metallic Shine leggings~Night
Jacket: Pirelli PZero Silverdown (Freebie!! HERE)
Boot: *YourShape* part of Zero Boots Black

I <3 snow

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Outfit of the day

I love autumn color...


Skin: *YourSkin* Monique Smokey Natural (Not yet released)
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Blue 3
Hair: >TRUTH< Kensei - Auburn
Skirt *+*JILL*+* *Floral skirt-Brown
Shirt: >TRUTH< Ruched Top [gold] w/colorchange belt
Jacket: InStyle Nadine brown Jacket
Stockings: [MG fashion] knitted socks - golden brown
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boots Brown

Monday, December 1, 2008

Outfits of the day

Dressing Isabeau....
Outfit 30-11-2008-2

Skin: *YourSkin* Isabeau Smokey Natural
Shape: *YourShape* Custom Shape
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Grey 2
Hair: Uncleweb Studio - Justine Type B Cool Black
Outfit: *+*JILL*+* CMD Black
Belt: Maitreya - Leather Belt Black
Stole and Glowes: *+*JILL*+* Fur Stole and Gloves
Leggins: Black Leggins
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boots Black

(Thanks to Monyka for choosing and modelling)Outfit 30-11-2008

Skin: *YourSkin* Isabeau Lavender Lili
Shape: *YourShape* Isabeau T Base
Eye: *YourSkin*Brighteyes Grey Blu
Hair: * ZeroStyle * Dana*(Chestnut)_M
Shirt and Skirt *+*JILL*+* AG Brown
Shrug: Wild&Demetra - Part of End of all hope
Stockings: AOHARU - BT_ArgyleSocks009
Boot: *YourShape* Zero Boots Brown

New Skin "Isabeau" at YourSkin& YourShape Shop

*YourSkin & YourShape* has released a completely new skin, “Isabeau”.
"Isabeau" is the pale version of the new skin, and will be soon followed by "Monique" and "Vivianne", the sunkissed and deep tanned versions.

New Isabeau Skin

“Isabeau” skin basis is completely new in face details, and has been been revisited and improved in body, breast and lips details.
The skin is released in 14 makeup versions, and multiple makeups packs are prepared as usual, with a saving of 50% on full price.

As fot the other skins, the new “Isabeau” shape has been developed to match the new skin, and will be now on sale in our shop too, together with all previous shapes released.

Surl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ITLAND%20Village%20I/90/203/933