Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Latest Release

Dear friends,
we've been (really!) lazy lately (in updates), so we now try to update you about last months in a single shot.

As many of you may know, on march 1st started the Skin Fair 2016 (that will end on march 27th), where we released two new appliers for Lelutka heads.

Grace is available in 4 tones, and it's "time machine": the applier has 3 different ages (young, mature and old). As it's usual in our appliers, apart from the ages many other options are available in eyebrows, freckles and more, 5 eyeshadows, 5 lipsticks and 6 hair bases.
*YS&YS* Skin Fair - Grace

Bella&Xiao is the second applier and it's available in 4 tones too. This applier is a little special for it allows 2 different eyelids, one which looks more "oriental" and one caucasian, and 2 different eyebrows shapes.
Bella&Xiao has of course moles option, 5 lipsticks, 5 eyeshadows and 6 hairbases.
*YS&YS* @ Skin Fair - Bella&Xiao

And Juicy Lips, a glossy lipstick for lelutka: Skin Fair 2016

At The Dressing Room (TDR) there's a special preview of a new applier for Catwa head Gwen: Malika
*YS&YS* Malika Skin Applier

Recently we also released (and are available at  Main Shop ):

Paige skin applier for Logo Main Shop
*YS&YS* Paige @ Shiny Shabby

Ariel Skin applier for Catwa Main Shop
*YS&YS* Ariel @ Shiny Shabby

Eva  Skin applier for Lelutka Main Shop
*YS&YS* @ Collabor88

Taylor Skin applier for Catwa Main Shop
*YS&YS* Taylor @ ShinyShabby

Belinda skin applier for Lelutka Main Shop
*YS&YS* Belinda @ ShinyShabby

In the Main Store entrance there are also our latest gachas:

European Taste
*YS&YS* European Taste Gacha

The collar collector
*YS&YS* The Collar Collector - Gacha

And right by the entrance of the Shoes area there are our latest jewels:

Precious Set
*YS&YS* Precious Collection

Almea Set
*YS&YS* Almea Set 04*YS&YS* Almea Set 03

Earrings Set

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Shiny Shabby October Round

We released for the current Shiny Shabby round two new head appliers: Malika for Lelutka heads

*YS&YS* Malika Appliers for Lelutka Heads

*YS&YS* Malika Appliers for Lelutka Heads

and Ava for the new Catwa head Shiny Shabby

*YS&YS* Ava Appliers for Catwa Heads

*YS&YS* Hud Ava Applier

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, September 20, 2015

ShinySHabby September Round

we released the new Noemi applier for LeLutka and LOGO heads.
They come in our 5 skintones

Lelutka Appliers are availabe in the Main Shop or Marketplace

*YS&YS* Noemi applier for Lelutka Heads

Logo Appliers are availabe in the Main Shop or Marketplace

*YS&YS* Noemi applier for Logo Alex Head

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Erika Logo Applier

Holidays are sadly over, and we're back at work, releasing a first LOGO Alex mesh head applier
availabe in the Main Shop or Marketplace

Erika Skin - Applier For LOGO Alex Mesh Head


We also release a complete new skin line for standard avatar, in our standard 5 skintones
availabe in the Main Shop 

Erika Skin - Classic Avatar

Tuesday, July 21, 2015